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Song Broadsword, Hand Dao - LK Chen Forge

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Song Hand Dao

The LK Chen Forge:

This Broadsword was forged by LK Chen, a forge that specializes in the recreation of ancient Chinese weapons featuring authentic dimensions, weight, balance and handling.

LK Chen weapons are all designed for cutting purpose. You can train cutting with rice straw mats or bamboo targets.

History of the Song Hand Dao:

In the Song Dynasty military manual, "The Essential Summary of Military Affairs", there are illustrations of standard military weapons, including 8 Dao (single-edged swords), 7 polearms
and a final one handed Dao with a broad blade bearing the name "Hand Dao".

The Song Hand Dao:

This sword is an identical replica of a rare, well-preserved Song Hand Dao.
It has a longer handle so that the Dao can be wielded with two hands if necessary.

The Song Hand Dao is powerful, thick, sturdy and is one of the earliest Chinese wide-bladed sabers.
It has a ring at the end of the pommel, following a long tradition started a thousand years ago with the Han Dao. It's blade is made of clay tempered steel reinforced with T10 tungsten-vanadium. This is a good compromise between rigidity and flexibility. The blade does not break easily but still has sufficient hardness for cutting.

The fitting, finishing and final assembly of the sword is meticulously done by the experienced master craftsmen of LK Chen Forge. It takes a professional craftsman a whole day to assemble a broadsword of this type with precision.

Characteristic of the broadsword :

  • Blade length: 65,5 cm (25,78")
  • Handle length: 18 cm (7.0")
  • Ring length: 4.0 cm (1.58")
  • Total length of the sword: 89 cm (35.0")
  • Weight of the sword alone: approximately 1006 g (2 lb. 3.5 oz)
  • Sharpened blade with progressive widening :
    • Width at the hilt: 37.5 mm (1.47") / Thickness: approx. 7.0 mm
    • Width at tip: 1.54" (39 mm) / Thickness: approx. 4.7 mm
  • Balance point: 16 cm (6.3")
  • Blade cross-section profile: wedge-shaped triangular
  • Blade length profile: wide and straight blade


  • High quality white wood scabbard

Heat treatment:

  • Clay tempered differential heat treatment
  • Hand polished for a sharp edge


  • Blackened iron fittings
  • Cord wrapped handle
  • Classic round ring at the end of the pommel

Product #47009

Brand :
Discipline :
Taiji, Wushu

Composition :
Steel, Zamak (zinc-aluminum), Wood
Color :
White, Black
Scabbard included :
Blade type :
Sharpened blade, Rigid blade
Blade length :
65 cm
Balance point, from the guard (+/- ½cm) :
16 cm

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