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Knives, Tanto

Explore your range of knives for Kung Fu! You will also find trident daggers for penchak silat and viet vo dao, throwing knives, knives for close combat training. We also offer wooden tantos, karambit, kunai, sai, and butterfly knives.

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Knives, Tanto

A brief update on weapons
The tanto

The tanto is a slightly curved Japanese knife with a single edge.
The tanto is a weapon mainly carried by the samurai, and this weapon has a blade length of less than 30 cm, the equivalent of a dagger.
The structure of the tanto is similar to that of the katana, except that it is much shorter and often less curved.

The butterfly knife

The butterfly knife is a small dao with a single-edged blade, originating from southern China.
The butterfly knives allow great manoeuvrability and it is very easy to change trajectory in the middle of a strike.
The use of two weapons allows one to strike and protect oneself at the same time. The rear hook allows to block the blows, but also to grip the opponent's weapons by twisting the wrist.