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Tanto Bushido, Kurodzuru - Blade with fuller, Sharpened

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Tanto Bushido, Kurodzuru - Blade with fuller, Sharpened

The Tanto is a Japanese knife used by the samurai. It is a single-edged weapon with a blade size of less than 30 cm without taking the Habaki into account.
If we break down the term "Tanto", we have the grouping of 2 words:

  • "tan" : short
  • "to" : katana, blade

This tanto is made in a traditional forge specialized in the manufacture of high quality Japanese weapons and an exclusive design.

This Tanto is a Hamidashi (Tanto with guard). It has a straight sharp blade (Maru) with a central fuller (Bohi), a black and white braided handle (Tsuka) decorated inside with a Komainu (Lion Guardian from Japanese culture), a black honeycombed guard (Tsuba) and a magnificent black lacquered wooden scabbard (Saya).

Medium carbon 1045 steel (0.45% carbon) blades have a relatively flexible blade, ideal for cutting practice and can take heavy blows without breaking. However, the blade dulls more quickly compared to a high carbon 1065 steel (0.65% carbon).

The 1045 steel is the most common steel used in cutlery because it is a good compromise between hardness and flexibility and is easily sharpened. Do not forget to take care of your weapon by oiling the blade to avoid rust.

"Kurodzuru" means "Black crane" in japanese (the bird).

Characteristics :

Blade (Maru):

  • Tanto with sharpened blade and fuller (Bohi)
  • Blade composition : Medium carbon steel (1045)
  • Blade length (with Habaki) : 30 cm
  • Blade length (without Habaki) : 27 cm
  • Blade width : 3,2 cm
  • Blade thickness : 0,7 cm

Handle (Tsuka) and guard (Tsuba):

  • Handle length : 16,8 cm
  • Guard dimensions : 8 x 8 x 0,4 cm

Scabbard (Saya):

  • Scabbard dimensions : 36,5 x 4,5 x 2,5 cm
  • Scabbard weight : 0,125 kg

Total dimensions (length and weight):

  • Length of tanto (with scabbard) : 54 cm
  • Length of tanto (without scabbard) : 47 cm
  • Weight of the tanto only : 0,513 kg
  • Total weight of the weapon (weapon and scabbard) : 0,64 kg

Product #53179

Brand :

Color :
White, Black, Gold
Scabbard included :
Blade type :
Sharpened blade, Rigid blade
Blade composition :
Medium carbon steel Maru 1045

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Mon 23rd - Fri 27th May
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French law : weapon of category D (forbidden to minors, carrying and transporting forbidden)

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