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Viet Vo Dao Uniforms

Welcome to our section dedicated to Viet vo dao, Viet vu dao and Vovinam clothing. We offer you a range of traditional kimonos (called vo phuc), trousers and jackets in cotton, polyester and a combination of both fabrics. Find the outfit adapted to your practice and to your tastes among our twenty references of the brands Adidas, Noris, Danrho and Kwon.

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Viet Vo Dao Uniforms

A little about Viet vo dao
3 names for the same discipline?

Why make it simple when you can make it complicated?
Viet vo dao, Vovinam and Viet vu dao are 3 terms that designate the same discipline: Vovinam viet dao from its full name.
It is a Vietnamese semi-contact martial art, which means that it is not possible to knock the opponent out of the fight (more commonly known as "KO system").
The fight lasts about 2.5 minutes and the vo-sinh (people practising Vovinam viet vo dao) exchange blows between the chest and head.
It is a very complete discipline because it combines attack, defence and technique.
Vovinam viet vo dao is about knowing :

  • adopt the right positions
  • master your strokes and attack techniques
  • know how to parry opposing attacks and counter-attack (self defence)
  • be versatile and complete in techniques
    1. choreographed sequences (song lu yen, quyen)
    2. handling of weapons (couteau, sabre long, bâton)
    3. projection techniques
    4. mastering acrobatic kicks (scissor kicks are the speciality of this discipline)
    5. Vietnamese wrestling techniques (moves, locks and strikes).
What should you wear?

In Vovinam viet vo dao, we do not talk about kimonos, we prefer to use the term of vo phuc .
Traditionally, the vo phuc is made of cotton but it is possible to find some in synthetic material (polyester).

Did you know that?

Some vo-sinh do not cut their hair, beard or moustache before a competition.
The reason?
By superstition, it is said that the energy is concentrated on the regrowth and not on the fight, which would lead to a lack of attention.
We preferred to warn you, now you know!