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Welcome to our jewellery section. You will find a large choice of necklaces and bracelets to complete your outfit during practice or to wear daily. DragonSports offers you more than 30 references for all styles.

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DragonSports allows you to combine style and discipline, so find the jewel that suits you. Our necklaces and bracelets contain stones with specific benefits, do you know them?

The benefits of stones

It is a stone described as powerful.
It has protective properties and thus acts on individuals as a shield against negative energies.
However, be careful, it is a stone reputed to be "the mirror of the soul". So to speak, it is a stone that is likely to bring out traumas and fears buried in the subconscious ; You must therefore be prepared to accept negative experiences.

We count more than 10 virtues on the body and the mind.
Obsidian allows to :

  • encourage digestion
  • improve wound healing
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • move forward
  • overcome trauma thanks to upstream internal work
  • harmonise inner thoughts
  • remove blockages and improve energy flow
  • relieve respiratory problems (asthma)
  • promote the assimilation of vitamin C and D
  • soothe back pain and protect the spine
  • fight against addictions (smoking)

Did you know?

Obsidian is the perfect stone for people of the sign Capricorn. It is also one of the favourite stones for people of the signs Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Pixiu bracelets

Otherwise known as Feng Shui bracelets, Pixiu bracelets are made of obsidian. The only difference with the classic bracelets consists in the presence of a bead in the shape of a Pixiu.
The Pixiu is no other than a winged lion.
It is a legendary animal in Chinese tradition that symbolises wealth, abundance and luck.

The meaning differs depending on which side the bracelet is worn.

  • If it is worn on the left hand, it conveys the attraction of luck and wealth.
  • If worn on the right hand, it symbolises the giving of your wealth to others.
  • Obsidian bracelets with a Pixiu have 4 main virtues:

    • attract wealth and luck
    • protect the holder from bad energy
    • bring abundance and happiness
    • améliorer le statut social (the Pixiu acts as a good luck charm that can help in delicate and crucial situations: to obtain a promotion at work, the granting of a credit,...)
    Eye of the Tiger

    Otherwise known as the stone of courage, wearing a tiger's eye bracelet is a source of motivation and constant concentration.
    It is a balancing stone; it allows to regulate the individuals like a scale in order to find a perfect point of balance: in other words, to find the point of harmony which one often characterizes by the Ying and the Yang.
    It is worth noting the many virtues of the eye of the tiger:

    • the surpassing of oneself
    • the protection against bad energies (internal or external)
    • the improvement of people's optimism
    • the hormonal balancing
    • the reduction of empathy (to avoid being overwhelmed by emotions)
    • the development of perseverance
    • the fight against cardiac and respiratory disorders (asthma, hypertension)
    • the brake on proliferation of bacteria
    • the prevention of inflammation and rheumatism (osteoarthritis)
    • the facilitation of reactivity (improvement of reflexes)

    Did you know that?

    The eye of the tiger is the stone par excellence for people of the sign Gemini. It is also one of the stones of choice for people of the signs Leo and Virgo.


    Cinnabar is a stone that symbolises the immortality of the soul. Indeed, it is a stone that mostly remedies blood disorders.
    Cinnabar purifies the blood and increases immunity. This stone acts as a stimulant to promote the formation of lymphocytes, cells that protect against bacteria, viruses; in short against all parasites.
    It is a stone that was already used in ancient times to fight against immune deficiencies!

    Besides the immune and blood aspects, cinnabar is the stone of strength and courage. It also influences our powers of persuasion, our intuition and our vigilance.

    Discover below the other virtues of cinnabar.

    • Increasing self-confidence
    • Streamlining of communication
    • Decreasing aggression (verbal or physical)
    • Improving concentration
    • Correcting of skin problems
    • Increasing fertility

    Attention, the cinnabar is a stone conferring dynamism and energy. It is therefore not recommended for people with a temper, high blood pressure or a heart condition.

    Did you know ?

    Cinnabar is particularly suitable for people of the signs Aquarius, Cancer and Scorpio.