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Martial arts belts

Discover our wide range of rolls, obis and belts for your martial arts and choose your colour according to your rank. We offer belts for Karate, Aikido, Ju-jitsu, Taekwondo, Judo, Krav maga, Yoseikan budo, Wushu, Tai-chi and much more for all budgets!

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Martial arts belts

The importance of belts and how to choose?

Above all, a belt cannot be chosen: it must be won !
No, colour is not there to look pretty and accessorise your outfit; it shows your level. Light colours generally mean that the student is at the beginning of the course, while darker colours show that the student is progressing and moving up the ranks.

Judo grades and belt levels
CeintureColorLevel / GradeMinimum age
 White6° Kyu4 years
          White & yellow7 years
 Yellow5° Kyu8 years
          Yellow & orange9 years
 Orange4° Kyu10 years
          Orange & green11 years
 Green3° Kyu12 years
          Green & blue
 Blue2° Kyu13 years
          Blue & brown
 Brown1° Kyu14 years
1° dan
2° dan
3° dan
4° dan
5° dan
15 years
17 years
20 years
24 years
29 years
          Red & white
6° dan
7° dan
8° dan
9° dan
10° dan
Karate grades and belt levels
BeltColorLevel / Grade
      White6° Kyu
                    White & yellow
      Jaune5° Kyu
                    Yellow & orange
      Orange4° Kyu
                    Orange & green
      Green3° Kyu
                    Green & blue
      Blue2° Kyu
                    Blue & brown
      Brown1° Kyu
1° Dan
2° Dan
3° Dan
4° Dan
5° Dan
          Red & white
6° Dan
7° Dan
8° Dan
9° Dan
 White10° Dan