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Judo Kimono & Pants

Discover our kimonos and trousers models. Find the outfit that suits your needs: canvas, cotton, rice grain, for initiation, training or competition (exclusive range in compliance with IJF standards).

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Judo Kimono & Pants

A brief overview of Judo!

Judo is a martial art with many different techniques to master: throws, joint locks, chokes, ground control and strikes with the feet and hands. The judoka must therefore make sure that he or she has the appropriate clothing, which will not prevent him or her from carrying out the various movements.

What should I wear?

Judo clothing, called "judogi", is composed of trousers and a jacket held by a belt, called obi. Very similar to the kimono, the judogi is the essential outfit for practising this modern Japanese martial art. The outfit can be either blue or white, and we find as main brands Adidas, Kwon, Danroh, Dojo Master, Métal Boxe or Noris.

How to choose your judogi?

Before choosing your kimono, two criteria should be taken into account.

  1. Judoka's height: Judo kimonos differ in height. You should therefore take your height and add between 5 and 10 cm to it. This will give you the measurements of the right outfit for your body. Children's outfits are between 100 and 150 cm, and adults between 160 and 200 cm.
  2. The level of practice: the selection is made according to the density of the fabric of the judogi.
    • For a child who is just starting out, opt for a light, soft weight of 190 g/m².
    • For competition, choose a thicker and more resistant weight of 350 gr/m².
    • For an adult beginner, a soft and light weight of 440 gr/m² is preferable.
    • Finally, if you are a competitor, choose a thick and resistant weight of 700 gr/m².