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Roll-on, Cryotherapy - Muscle Relief, Namman Muay

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Roll-on, Cryotherapy - Muscle Relief, Namman Muay

A 75 ml roll-on, cryotherapy is a portable solution designed to apply cold in a localized manner to specific areas of the body, to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and improve muscle recovery.

This product combines a unique cooling therapy with a high-quality CBD formula to relieve stiffness effectively.

Optimal Relief

The metal ball applicator intensifies the cooling effect on sore muscles and joints, offering fast relief after intensive workouts.

Double Functionality

The metal ball also massages, allowing CBD to penetrate deeper into muscle tissue, speeding recovery and ensuring precise application.

Superior Ingredients

Formulated with high-quality CBD known for its analgesic properties, this roll-on effectively supports muscle recovery non-invasively, ideal for optimal recovery without disrupting daily life.

Here are the key points for using the roll-on:

  1. Principle of Operation:

    • Cryotherapy uses extremely low temperatures to treat pain and inflammation.
    • A cryotherapy roll-on usually contains a special gel or liquid that remains cold for an extended period after being placed in the freezer.
  2. Benefits:

    • Pain relief: the application of cold can help numb painful areas and reduce pain sensations.
    • Inflammation reduction: cold causes vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels), which helps reduce swelling and inflammation.
    • Muscle recovery: used after exercise, it can help reduce muscle soreness and promote faster recovery.

Cryotherapy = use the power of cryotherapy to reduce stiffness and swelling. The cold touch of the cryosphere helps numb the nerves responsible for muscle tension, quickly relieving discomfort!

Use: Keep roll-on in the freezer before use. Apply directly to the affected area using circular movements, for 10 to 15 minutes for optimum effects, but do not exceed this time to avoid the risk of cold burns.

- Do not apply to damaged or open skin.
- Use a cloth between the skin and the device if the cold sensation becomes too intense.

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