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Double Straightsword Northern Style (Upper Range)

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139,00 €
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Option Hilt grip

PU Non-slip grip (x2)
PU Non-slip grip (x2) (+3,00 €)
Towel hilt grip x2
Towel hilt grip x2 (+2,00 €)

Option Tassel

2 short tassels - Color - Red, white pearl
2 short tassels - Color - Red, white pearl (+5,00 €)
2 short tassels - Color - White
2 short tassels - Color - White (+5,00 €)
2 short tassels - Color - Black
2 short tassels - Color - Black (+5,00 €)
2 long tassels - Color - Red
2 long tassels - Color - Red (+12,00 €)
2 long tassels - Color - White
2 long tassels - Color - White (+12,00 €)
2 long tassels - Color - Blue
2 long tassels - Color - Blue (+12,00 €)

Option Carrying case

Classical simple Case
Classical simple Case (+6,00 €)
Shen Long Classic Case
Shen Long Classic Case (+19,00 €)
Shen Long Deluxe Case
Shen Long Deluxe Case (+35,00 €)

Option Weapon stand

Single Weapon Stand
Single Weapon Stand (+10,00 €)
Two Swords Stand
Two Swords Stand (+11,00 €)
Sword Stand, Carved
Sword Stand, Carved (+14,00 €)
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Shuang Jian

Double straight-sword, Northern style with semi flexible blade, made of sturdy forge steel, designed and forged in Longquan. One scabbard with two compartments for the swords.

Literally, «shuang-jian» means "twin straight swords" (double-edged). However, in the traditional Chinese martial arts the term was also applied to sets of small twin broadswords (< 60cm) shorter than the «shuang dao» double broadswords. Indeed, in the ancient China the versatile shuang-jian was used in the civilian practice of all types of single or dual short weapons. And it was used in self-defense as well.

Our shuang-jian is a high-quality weapon primarily dedicated to the modern practice of the traditional twin sword fencing. Dual weapon practice requires skilled footwork, high arm coordination, and an increased skill of the non-dominant hand (left if you're right-handed). Thus dual-weapon practice also develops, and perfect the skills of barehand combat. Many modern players are rediscovering the high didactic value and versatility of the Shuang Jian.

This shuang-jian is indistinguishable, in every detail, of the best antique weapons, as they were at the end of their long evolution (c.a. 1912). Since primarily addressed to the practice, the blades of the great majority of antique shuang-jian were unsharpened, and frequently provided with blunt tips. Antique shuang-jian sets measuring 85 to 100 cm long were rare, much more frequently the period shuang-jian had blades under 50 cm, and grips under 9 cm, for a total length rarely exceeding 60 cm. Such dimensions are also fully consistent with the modern practice of the weapon. Such short shuang-jian had a wealth of specifically devoted martial Forms.
The blades -of triangular section- join at the tip by their flat sides, and are slightly separated at the guards. The hilts, flattened on a side, join along all their length. Both weapons are stored in a two compartment scabbard. As consequence of the design is that the blade and hilt are slightly off-line; thus each sword appears slightly crooked as seen in profile. This slight bent is not a flaw; rather is a key feature of the shuan-jian.
The weapon bent facilitate the handling, since it noticeably reduces the interference of both swords during practice. The bent also facilitates the use of each sword in the practice of saber forms, as it was done in the ancient times.

The ample and svelte dagger-like guards in the Northern style, and the small pommels are inspired on those of the best antique shuang-jian. Both guards & pommels are decorated with stylized bats, a Chinese metaphor of good luck (more so if coppered, as it is the case here), wealth, good health, longevity, peace, and the hope for a serene death. The guard decorations also include carps, a Chinese symbol of hugh achievements obtained through hard work.

Two colors: bronze (orange-brown) and copper (relatively light gold)

Product #11333

Brand :
Discipline :

Composition :
Zamak (zinc-aluminum), Stainless steel, QingLongShanMu (Chinese wood)
Scabbard included :
Weight without scabbard :
1200g (600g*2)
Blade type :
Semi-flexible blade
Blade length :
75 cm
Blade composition :
Acier inoxydable
Length :
95 cm
Weight :
1700 g

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Sat 21st - Fri 27th May

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