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Thai boxing shorts, Mesh, ThaiBoxing

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Thai Boxing Shorts

ThaiBoxing brand is one of the most popular brand in Thailand. These Thai boxing shorts made by specialized craftsmen and designed as we like them for this practice is a brand new model 2023 with its soft breathable Mesh sides that combines comfort and style!
All the little decorative touches that make these shorts so unique are enhanced by carefully designed seams and trims.

Did you know?

In the beginning in Thai boxing, all the inscriptions and colors had a very precise symbolism.
This is not really the case anymore, at least in Europe and the United States, because boxers mainly want to keep the more or less flashy style specific to these shorts and customize their shorts at very high level.
The customizations are often related to their fighter's name, the name of their team, their sponsor, a lucky charm or an animal with a particular symbolism such as the tiger, which is very famous and represents ferocity.

The colors have an important function during the competitions in Thailand. Indeed, in the Bangkok stadium, the red corner is reserved for the "favorite" and the blue corner for the "not favorite".
The favorite fighter will wear red or pink shorts and the other one blue shorts.
However, there are exceptions, such as on the king's birthday, when the shorts will be yellow and worn with a red or blue stripe to distinguish the fighters.

The elders will tell you that each day of the week has its own color. Why is this?

Each color is related to a God who protects the day:

  • Monday is associated with Shiva and Chandra, goddess of the moon. You guessed it, the associated color will be white. Failing white, a pale and nuanced color such as blue, pink and pale green. The color yellow will also be worn on this day in honor of King Bhumibol who is himself revered as a God in Thailand and whose favorite color will be yellow. This color will have a lot of importance and meaning in Thailand, hence the fact that most Thai shorts are sublimated with gold and yellow letters!
  • Tuesday is associated with Mangala who is a God considered very important as he is evil, so it is best to worship him to curb his evil activities. His color is red or orange. But it is better not to defy him!
  • Wednesday is the day of the most famous of all, Buddha, whose color will be very clearly green. Otherwise, this God will appreciate blue, grey or brown.
  • Thursday is reserved for Brihaspati, associated with Jupiter, his color will be yellow or orange or golden.
  • Friday puts Shukra in the spotlight. Master of the demons, he will appreciate to see you dressed in white or blue.
  • Saturday is associated with Shani who, as in one of her most famous representations, will have a penchant for black or dark blue.
  • Sunday does not escape Shakti, representing feminine energy who will be associated with the color yellow, orange, purple or red!


  • Polyester and mesh on the sides of the thighs for more comfort
  • Gilding on the front and the edges
  • Elasticated waistband with drawstring
  • Available colors: red, green, white, black, royal blue, navy blue
  • Available sizes: S to 3XL

Product #46971

Discipline :
Muay Thai

Fabric :
Color :
White, Bleu, Black, Red, Green

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