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«Guiding» Broadsword, Competition, Stainless Steel Handle

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Guiding Dao

«Guiding» ('regulation') broadsword, modern Northern style, competition model.
This saber in the Ox-tail (Niu Wei Dao ; "Ox-tail Sabre") pattern, is the best known of many civilian weapons which appeared on the late 19th Century; it was quickly adopted by the Northern wushu styles, including Shaolin. Later its utilization extended to most of the remaining wushu styles.
This weapon, made by a workshops at Longquan, is since 2010 the official competition saber model certified both by the 'Chinese Wushu Association' and the 'International Wushu Federation'.

The modern "competition" weapons feature reinforcements along the blade's spine or back, which lends rigidity to its forte. This feature allow to engage the blades in the exercises of the traditional Chinese fencing ("Sticky sword"), and modern «Dao Shu» practice (Northern style broadsword fencing), preserving nevertheless the security provided by a flexible point.
Its hollowed metal handle represent a great improvement over the wooden handle; enhancing the popping sound of the blade.

The blade & hilt length and weight of these weapons are kept within strict norms, thus providing a high reproducibility of their handling within a same nominal size (provided sizes from 1 to 9).

This broadsword is an weapon of upper range, well forged, perfectly balanced, and pleasant to use. An excellent choice for expert users and professionals, this saber is available on ten blade sizes.

  • Flexible blade
  • Available in 10 different sizes

Technical information
Model number0123456789
Blade length68cm70cm72cm74cm76cm78cm80cm82cm85/86cm90cm
Overall length83cm85cm87cm89½cm92cm94cm96cm98cm102cm106cm
Weight (g)455g470g485g505g525g540g565g680g700g720g
Size 0 = previously woman model size 1
Models usually ordered: 4 to 7

What length of blade ?:
You should measure your arm (from wrist to shoulder) and add 5 cm. Then when you stand up holding your sword at the handle, the tip of the blade should be at the top of your ear.
Also, newbies might prefer a short blade because it will be easier to handle.

Product #11504

Composition :
Discipline :
Blade type :
Flexible/soft blade
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1-4 working days

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